Cockroaches DO bite people. Here’s what you need to know


Most of us hate cockroaches with a passion, I believe. They’re unbelievably fast, extremely tenacious and are said to be able to survive apocalypse even if the entire mankind is wiped out, which is highly likely, given that even if you decapitate them, they’re still able to live.

We all thought that cockroaches are harmful because they’re disease-carrying agents and if they crawl on your body or bedding, they’re bringing bacteria from the rubbish chutes, the sewers and the garbage to you, but if that’s not bad enough, here’s another reason for us to dislike them – they DO bite people.

Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures and eat both plants and meat. In fact, cockroaches have been recorded to have eaten human flesh, be the bodies dead or living, and their bites might cause swelling or lesions. In fact, there were some who suffered from minor wound infections after getting bitten by these little critters.

In fact, it was said that the worst infestations took place on ships, and sailors had to wear gloves in order to prevent cockroaches from biting their fingers.

However, it’s pretty rare for a cockroach to bite people, as they much prefer scavenging from the rubbish themselves, but if there is an infestation and the food sources in the location is unable to provide for their entire population, you can be sure that they’d pay a visit to you in the middle of the night.

In fact, here’s another good news for you: It’s usually the American and Australian cockroaches that are likelier to bite people, and Germany cockroaches have been recorded to bite people.

But we’d still ask you to exercise caution and check your house for infestation because it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry, right?



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