Coke Zero / Light is not the only soft drink with zero calorie


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Whenever we think of soft drink without calories, we think of Coke Zero or Coke Light immediately. Do you know that there was once a Kickapoo Zero in the market? Here are some alternatives to Coke Zero (though some of them were just in the Singapore / Malaysia market for a while)!

Pepsi Light

pepsi light
You need no introduction to this, since it will be the alternative should Coke be unavailable in that vendor. It’s the only available alternative that is readily available now, though.

Spite Zero
spite zero
Cool, isn’t it? Nowadays, finding Spite is difficult as well, so finding Spite Zero might have zero chance. But I’m certain it used to be in retail here in Singapore before.

Jia Jia Liang Teh Sugar Free
jia jia liang teh sugar free
I’m not referring to the “less sugar” version. This is completely sugar free—it’s blue and trust me, once you sip it once, you’ll rather drink plain water.

Kickapoo Zero
kickapoo zero
Think all Kickapoos are green? No way. This used to be in Singapore for a while (a few months, maybe?) before they were gone. And they taste just like the real Kickapoo.

Red Bull Sugar Free
red bull sugar free
The sugar-free version tastes much better than the sugared version, the sugar-free version looks cooler than the sugared version and well, the sugar-free version costs more than the sugared version.


7up Free
7up free
It’s not free of charge; it’s merely free from sugar. Once again, this appeared and disappeared in the Singapore market. I guess we can come to a simple conclusion: we like our sugar real.

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