Cuddles Cat Café will re-open with no cats but something else—and the owner is still the same

Last year, during a period when cat cafes were popping up fast, one café got a publicity it didn’t want: the deaths of some of its cat, together with the alleged claims of the owner’s lack of impartialness in engaging employees and his attitude to put profits over the welfare of the cats. This leads to public scrutiny and people took it to social network, affecting the business so badly that it had to shut down. Eventually, the café could not renew its license to have cats in the premises and the owner put up a notice in Facebook to sell the business.

It drew flak but it sort of ended there. After all, Singaporeans are forgetful—who could remember Jover Chew? As of now, AVA is still investigating the treatment and deaths of the cats in the cat café.

But now, it has a new beginning: a new café will be opened, and this time, no cats are involved. Instead, it will have an ice-cream buffet, a bean bag movie-screening room and will feature a VR headset, Oculus Rift.


Apparently, the business is not sold but is revamped and is still managed by the same management. Cat cafes originated from Japan, and according to the owner, this type of café originates from Russia and Europe.

According to *SCAPE (developer of the building that the shop is housed), the cat café had wanted to stop operations altogether but could not do so as their lease is not up.

Called Santa’s Igloo, it is set to open next week. According to the owner, he still yearn for a cat café. In a Facebook Post, the management posts this: “Unfortunately, Santa’s Igloo will operate without cats because AVA has yet to correspond with us on the renewal of license. However if AVA approves, we will be looking to merge both concepts in the future with emphasis on the cat cafe. “

Well, it seems like any publicity is good publicity, eh? If not for Cuddles Cat Café, no one knows what Santa’s Igloo is.

And what’s the thing with café nowadays? Why not just sell 菜饭there?