How to deal with people who don’t reply to your WhatsApp message


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 9:23 am

A: What are you doing?

B: Waiting for this message on Whatsapp for the last four hours.

Texting is somewhat new; before social norms could be established for SMSing, WhatsApp came.

When we were still using SMS, people could just say that they did not receive your message—but with WhatsApp, there’s no excuse.

Here are a few ways to deal with people who constantly don’t reply to WhatsApp message—note that once you’ve done that, that could be your last message with that fellow!

Copy the words “You there?” and paste, send, paste, send, paste, send X 50 times
Just do what the header says. It takes just one minute on your side, and the receiver receives hell—especially when the phone is not set to silent.

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Send this image to him rip The picture says it all. If he doesn’t get your hint, he shouldn’t have understood your previous message as well.

B: I’m still waiting for this message on Whatsapp.

Send an SMS to him

You can just use this excuse although both of you know he does receive your text: “I think something went wrong with WhatsApp, so I’ve sent you an SMS instead. Could you reply to my WhatsApp message?”


Send a sarcastic follow-up message
Tell him that after waiting years for his reply, your phone has rotted and got him to reply to another number.

Update on your Facebook
Very subtly, just mention that some people are just so busy that they can’t spend one minute to reply to a message. This works not just for that friend of yours, but all friends who have yet to reply your message.

Send a voice message
Do you know that you can send a voice message with WhatsApp? Just say that since he doesn’t have one minute to reply, maybe he can just use a voice message. That takes just five seconds.

Deal with yourself
If you realise many people did not reply to your message, maybe the problem is not them but you. What the hell did you send?