How to deal with people who don’t reply to your WhatsApp message


Last Updated on 2023-07-01 , 12:46 pm

When You Get No Response to Your WhatsApp Message: Strategies and Explanations

You’re anxiously sitting there, phone in hand, expecting a response. You’ve sent a WhatsApp message, but four hours later, still nothing. You notice that your contact is online on WhatsApp but not replying. The bubble with the double tick is staring back at you, yet there’s no reply on WhatsApp. How do you deal with this unnerving silence?

In the days of traditional SMS, people could get away with the excuse of not receiving your message due to poor signal or whatnot. However, with the advent of WhatsApp, the tables have turned. There’s no room for such excuses anymore, and yet, here you are, waiting for a reply that seems like it’ll never come. This article will explore what to do when someone ignores you on WhatsApp, and why someone might not be reading your WhatsApp messages.

The No Reply WhatsApp Conundrum

“Why is he online on WhatsApp but not replying?” you may ask yourself. The truth is, the reasons can vary from person to person. Sometimes it could be because they’re too busy, and other times, they might just be avoiding you. Regardless of the reason, here are a few strategies to deal with those who seem to have mastered the art of giving no response to WhatsApp messages.

Unleash the “You there?” Barrage

This strategy is simple: copy the words “You there?” and paste, send, paste, send, repeat. Do this about 50 times. It takes just a minute on your side, but on the receiving end, it’s pure chaos—especially when their phone is not set to silent. It’s like unleashing a friendly, persistent wave of nudges, and it’s bound to get some attention.

Switch to SMS

Send an SMS instead. Use this classic trick even though both of you are well aware that WhatsApp is working just fine. Write something like, “I think something went wrong with WhatsApp, so I’ve sent you an SMS instead. Could you reply to my WhatsApp message?” It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it just might work.

Send a Sarcastic Follow-up Message

Create a bit of humor and drama by sending a sarcastic follow-up message. You could say something like, “After waiting years for your reply, my phone has decayed. Could you reply to this new number?” Nothing says ‘I’m waiting’ better than a touch of good-natured sarcasm.


Vent Subtly on Facebook

Without mentioning names, subtly express your frustration on Facebook. Something along the lines of, “It’s amazing how some people can’t spare one minute to reply to a message.” This works not just for that particular friend, but for all those who have yet to reply to your messages.

The Power of Voice Messages

If you still find that there’s no reply on WhatsApp, remember the magic of voice messages. Record a message saying that since they apparently don’t have a minute to text back, maybe they could just use a voice message. It’s quicker, simpler, and potentially more effective.

Reflect on Your Messages

Finally, if you find that many people are not responding to your messages, it’s worth asking: “Is it them, or is it me?” Take some time to reflect on what you’ve been sending. Are your messages too long, too vague, or too frequent? Adjusting your approach might just solve the problem of what to do if someone doesn’t reply on WhatsApp.

Ultimately, in the world of instant messaging, patience is a virtue. A no-reply scenario isn’t always personal and doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue with you or your relationship. Remember, everyone has their own texting pace and style. Let’s continue to embrace this wonderful technology with understanding, respect, and a healthy dose of humor!


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