Don’t know what to wear during Chinese New Year? Try this.


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:38 pm

Running out of ideas on what clothes to buy for CNY? Bored of wearing the same T-shirt every day?

Or you just want something playful?

This T-shirt, a self-made product, might just be the one for you. Powered by four AA batteries, you can literally play a game (just Tetris, unfortunately) on the T-shirt. Playing games on our phone seemed impossible many years ago, but now, almost half the passengers in a train are throwing birds, crushing candies or tapping a flappy bird. So it’s inevitable that if one day, should we forget to bring our phones out, we’ll still have something to play.

But of course, since it’s just a self-made product, it is not for sale.

When asked why the creator has created this, he gave an answer that will put many people to shame: “I always wanted a playable t-shirt, well now I made one myself.”

Talk about the millions of people who have always “wanted something” but stay passive.


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