Everyday annoying encounters in lifts


Last Updated on 2017-04-25 , 10:29 am

We take the lift every day, and other than the typical rants of the lift that we take are usually the slowest in the entire world, we face people who are inconsiderable, annoying or just plain retarded. These are the pet peeves that really irritated me; have you encountered them, or are you responsible for them?

Exiting at the wrong level


Moral of the story: look before you exit. It’s damn frustrating when someone walks out then comes back in immediately just because he wants to focus on the damn Candy Crush in the lift.

Taking the lift just to go down one storey



If you’re handicapped, have a stroller or are carrying something, it’s understandable. But some jokers (usually the same people from level 2) like to take the lift even when they could have taken the stairs.

Standing very close to the lift door


The moment the door opens, a person is suddenly just ten centimeters from you. I’m sure it will be romantic for a Korean drama, but in Singapore, it’s disgusting. Especially when it’s often middle-aged men with body odour.

Smoking in the lift


E’nuf said.

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