Everything you need to know about Samsung S7 in S’pore in 60 sec


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 4:50 pm

We’ve heard about the iPhone 7 that is designed to come without the audio jack so it’s not surprising that there’s going to be a Galaxy S7 at the same time since both brands have always been competitive with each other. While I am an iPhone user, hearing about the Galaxy S7 does tempt me to switch over and change sides.

Why not? Here’s what you should know and who knows, it might just change your mind about switching sides.

You can start pre-ordering on 26th Feb
Head to any Samsung store and place a deposit of $50 to pre-order those babies. You’ll be able to get your S7 from as early as 11th March! (The release date is only 12th March!) Also, you will receive a Samsung VR Gear if you pre-order starting two days from now!

It’s water resistant
Always careless and dropping your phones into the water in the toilet or at the pool? Well the S7 repels spills and dunks so that you don’t have to get a new phone or place it in rice in hopes that your phone revives. However it is only water resistant for up to 5 feet, and you have to get it out before 30 minutes!

It has low-light support
We all know how super annoying it is to not be able to capture nice images in the dark. Great news is, the S7 has low-light support, allowing you to take pretty pictures at night, just the way your eyes view it. Imagine, if it’s true, you don’t have to deal with grainy photos no more.

Super fast Charging
Samsung says that your S7 will go from “0% to 100% in no time” and we are not so sure about how much time is “no time” but since the S7 has one of the biggest phone batteries, we guess it will be rather fast. Now you don’t have to worry about having to leave your phone charging at night and accidentally leaving it overnight.


Additional Storage
The S7 only comes in 32GB (no more 64GB or 128GB) but the super awesome news is that you can insert a 200GB SD card to increase your storage if you’d like! You’re probably going to need it anyway because the S7 has 56 pre-installed apps on this new phone.

Samsung Pay
Another one of those banking apps where you can pay your bills online etc etc etc. Not so sure what is different about this app other than the rest of the banking apps, so you might want to get the S7 just to find out.

Always-on Feature
Are you the type of person who likes to check your phone every few minutes? With the S7, you can check your screen without having to touch anything. Customise your screen and whatever info you need will always be there flashing at you – notifications, time, date, whatever.

So, tempted yet? I sure am.

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