Everything you need to know about the Lavastone Steakhouse’s Facebook saga in 60 sec


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:51 pm

If you’ve not heard about Lavastone Steakhouse’s Facebook saga, then you really have to hear about it. They, unfortunately, came into the limelight after Crab in da Bag’s Facebook Page replied passive-aggressively to their customers. At least for Crab in da Bag, the owner was savvy enough in social media to salvage the situation while Lavastone Steakhouse, unfortunately, wasn’t.

Traditionally, businesses has to maintain a professional image towards their customers, no matter whether they deserve the fair treatment or not, but Lavastone Steakhouse has apparently lost all patience with bad reviews and decided to hit back just as hard. Unfortunately, the way they did it left much to be desired.

Termed as the “owner from hell”, the owner of the business went to all sorts of trouble to CSI, dig up dirt and insult his customers for leaving bad reviews on his Facebook Page. It doesn’t help that his grasp of the English language seems pretty bad, which seemed to irk pretty much everybody on the social media platform.

lava 1lava 2lava 3Image: mothership.sg

Yup, and it only got worse from there.

lava 4
Image: mothership.sg

And it’s not a one-time thing:

lava 5
Image: mothership.sg

Well, ever since the news of their replies to bad reviews went viral on the internet, their previously 4-5 star ratings they were so proud of dropped drastically, and last we checked, hovered around the 0.6 star rating even though they’ve restarted the entire rating, if online comments are to be believed.

Image: Facebook (Lavastone Steakhouse)

The management of Lavastone Steakhouse took to a long Facebook post in an attempt to justify themselves and shared 5-star reviews about their steakhouse on their timeline.

lava 6
Image: mothership.sg

While the English used is better, it seemed that it’s not enough for netizens online.

Image: Facebook (Lavastone Steakhouse)

Facebook’s such a scary place, isn’t it?

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