Everything you need to know about the ridiculously cute蛋黄哥/Gudetama in 60 sec


Unless you’ve never left your house before, you’ll have come across a cute egg yolk, from its soft toys to its phone casing. Heck, you might even see them in, say, a petrol station.

Maybe you thought it’s just a fad, or a Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. Apparently not. Commonly known as either 蛋黄哥, or Gudetama (we have writers in our office knowing only the Mandarin name or the Japan name), it has taken the whole of Singapore and Malaysia by storm, even though not many know the exact origin of the character.

Well, you’re at the right place.


It was born during a Sanrio Food Character Election.

Image: Sanrio
Image: Sanrio

Gudetama is an egg, and it is named after two things. Gude means having no energy while tama is Japanese for egg.


Gudetama has a twitter account.
New Bitmap Image
The Japanese words in his profile says “I really don’t feel like tweeting every day. It’s such a bother. I’ll do it because the higher-ups tell me to, but I know I’m only going to be eaten in the end.”
Cute fellow.



It has its own animation series.



There is a Gudetama cafe in Hong Kong.

Image: modgam.com

The restaurant serves cartoon buns (where you can squeeze the filling out from Gudetama’s butt) and even Gudetama dimsum. How could you bear to eat them?


You can get Gudetama merchandise.

Image: tofucute
Image: tofucute

 Have you fallen for this cute egg yolk yet? If so, you can get Gudetama pens, phone cases and more, as the broadcast station for the animation series is selling them.

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