Facts about Pontianak you probably didn’t know

The Pontianak is a vampire cum ghost that exists in Malay and Indonesian mythology. They are rumoured to be the spirits of women, who perished during pregnancy.

They are frequently portrayed as pale-skinned women with long hair and all decked out in white, but might also take on the appearance of beautiful women if their targets were men.

Knowing whether a Pontianak is near could be done through observing the cries of a baby.

Apparently, the spirit is close if the baby cries softly and far if the baby cries loudly.

The howls of a dog are also rumoured to be an indication of the presence of a Pontianak.

If the dog is howling, the spirit is far away; if the dog is whining, the Pontianak in question is nearby.

You could supposedly smell the spirit too. It initially gives off a nice flowery smell, before emanating a rotting stench afterwards.

A Pontianak eliminates its victims by clawing into the stomach with razor sharp fingernails and eating the organs. If it desires revenge against a male individual, it tears out the sex organs with its bare hands.

If your eyes happened to be open when near a Pontianak, they will be sucked out of your head.

Apparently, the spirit tracks prey by smelling the clothes left out to dry. If you have always associated the Pontianak with banana trees, you’ve a pretty intuitive mind: it’s said to reside in the trees during the daytime.

Protection against the Pontianak is possible, but to do so you must ram a nail into the hole on the nape of her neck. Which is much easier said than done seeing as you’re dealing with a spirit bent on consuming your organs.

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