Five hairstyles every 1980s guy used to have


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For people born in the 1980s, I’m sure you guys have cut and styled your hair in these manners…chronologically. It’s like each hairstyle is a rite of passage! If you’ve never changed your hairstyle before, I envy you, for you’ve got no idea how difficult it is to learn how to use a gel and then a wax. Or maybe it’s just me.


This is the made-in-primary-school hairstyle and usually chosen by our parents due to the ease of styling. It’s simple, neat and most importantly, fashionable in most primary schools. Just make sure that the curry-pok is thick, if not you’ll look like a nerd instead.


After you’ve progressed to secondary school, David Beckham, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok set the trend for men’s hairstyle. And since once upon a time, all of them have centre-parted hair, we need to have one, too.  Just tell the barber “overlap, don’t cut in front” and ten minutes later, your hair will look like a pitched roof.


Ironically, as we played hide-and-seek with our discipline masters when we were in secondary school due to our long fringe, we would then cut it and change it “Armani” after we’ve graduated—because, well, David Beckham and Andy Lau did that, too. And it’s the best hairstyle ever: grab a bottle of Good Look gel, drip as much as you like in your hair and press everything down except your fringe. Then pull your fringe up. 30 seconds—that’s how long it takes.


Then David Beckham and Andy Lau had spiky hair, and what did we do? We bought Gatsy wax or clay and created “out-of-bed” look. It was a battle for the messiest hairstyle ever. But every night, we shampooed our hair twice just to get the damn clay out of our hair and wondered whether David Beckham spent more time shampooing or training.


Next, we gave the auntie or uncle $2 and for the first time, we reluctantly saw our hair being cut without a mirror in front of us. And all it took was mere 30 seconds—or even less.
If you still don’t get it, we’ve enlisted into NS.


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