Five Taiwanese bands we used to go gaga over


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Nowadays, selecting an singer for us to idolize has changed dramatically—some of us apparently idolize the independent girl-next-door who posts covers of popular singers. Many years ago, everyone in the class used to support only a few Taiwanese bands…because they were the only bands that were mainstream, and we only have mainstream celebrities. Have you gone gaga over one of these bands before?

Firstly, it’s not the key on your keyboard, nor is it the South Korean F4. This F4 comprises Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou, and their trademark then was their hair—long and frowned upon by discipline masters. You want to know an interesting fact that nobody knows? They’re now called JVKV. I guess you could say that they’re not very creative with names, too.

Going to KTV nowadays means looking for individual singer’s songs like Selina’s, Hebe’s and Elle’s songs. Years ago, it was looking for S.H.E’s songs. And we don’t just pronounce it as “she”—we read out every single letter. I guess in early 2000s, people attributed success based on the number of syllables you have in your name.

If you think of a basketball when you see the number—I mean, the name—then welcome to my world: a world whereby 5566 = basketball =我难过. Ask your elder siblings if you don’t know the correlation.

I know what you’re thinking: no, this is not the latest energy drink. Energy used to be a boyband, and it’s the closest thing to current South Korean idol groups like 6:37PM, WonderBoys and Small Bang. They were often energetic and carried electronic guitars, screaming like they’d never run out of energy.

183 Club
All the members in 183 Club is 183 cm, right? Oh, a check again now revealed that, that is not true. Apparently, that rumour was established in the pre-Internet era—in the Internet era, we all now know that only one member is 183 cm…and he’s no longer a member there. So does that mean I quantify?


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