Five things cheating men will do or say—written by a woman who has encountered them, no less!


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A commonly heard Chinese idiom that goes “天下没有不偷吃鱼的猫”, that means “all cats steal fish to eat”, is normally used to describe men who stray or those who cannot resist the temptation of being attracted to another woman.

But hey, we are not accusing all the guys, there are definitely good cats—I mean good men who truly exist. So have you heard any of these phrases yet?

“I’m in a rocky relationship right now”
Yeah right, what better way to win your sympathy and start a conversation? With all due respect on whether there’s a wedding ring on that finger or if that family photo is on that screensaver, our hearts soften.

Women tend to start off by feeling pity, come next devoting time to be that kind listening ear to listen to the whining. When more time and more ears were spent together, feelings grow and what happens next is up to your very own imagination.

“I like you very much but I’m not ready for commitment yet”
This is the one I love most. In short, he’s simply letting you know that he’s married or attached. If you are in for a fling, this is your man. The best part is that they will never stalk you because they can hardly find that extra time.

However, arranging even for a simple innocent meal will not be that easy as he will need more time to carefully plan for the appropriate slot to insert you into his business schedule. So, be prepared to fit only into his timing.


“I don’t like crowded places, can we go to someplace quiet?”
Obviously crowded places increase the chances of him being spotted with another sexy woman like you, so why should he take the risk? Try arranging him to meet at common spots and most likely he will usually decline and prefers to go to his designated venue.

Speaking from my very own real life encounter, I knew a “nice man” whom I had always regarded and respected him a father, a very reputable and well known customer from my previous employment. He drove us to Alkaff Mansion for the most impressive, expensive and extravagant dinner I ever had.

Perfect gentleman, no hanky panky, no dirty talks, no otopus hands, and he safely sent me home after that. It shocked me at later stage when he confessed he was “interested” in me and that the reason he brought me there was because he knew the chances of bumping into people he knew was zero.

I blocked out all possible future contacts with him. Firstly I’m not at all sexually nor emotionally attracted to him, secondly he’s married and lastly but not least, he is even older than my papa…..POWER!

“I’d like to spend some private moments with you…only you”
Seriously do I need to elaborate? In layman’s term: “Let’s have sex” (and only sex).

“I don’t look good in pictures, I don’t like to take photos”
Social media babes…it’s all about social media. To have a snap shot taken with you means he is digging his own grave by announcing to the world of his whereabouts and who he had been out with. Men who cheat will never dare to take photos and yes, they will come up with all sorts of lame excuses just to stay out of it.

A small handful of them would not mind though, and these are usually the “old birds” whom their wives had already turned blind over the years of their constant straying.

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