5 things that are outrageously expensive in Singapore


Last Updated on 2017-05-10 , 12:56 pm

You’ve heard this in Singapore many times before: “For this price, I can buy three of them in another country!”

After all, due to our land size, small market and highly developed economy, everything is usually much more expensive. Here are five things that you’ll have heard of before!

Cars car Simply put, for the price of renting a Toyota for ten years here in Singapore, you can buy two to three Mercedes elsewhere. And these Mercedes stay with you forever. The Toyota doesn’t.

Housing house For the price of a small apartment in Singapore, you can buy a mansion elsewhere. With a swimming pool, garden and maybe even a maid. Oh, the apartment in Singapore will only be yours for ninety-nine years, for your info. Elsewhere, you can even keep the maid forever as a wife.

Watching World Cup (or any other events) worldcup FIFA said we are rich, so they charge us more. TV stations said we are rich, so they charge us more. We said we are not rich, so we don’t watch. It’s no wonder we will never play in the World Cup.

Medical expenses panadol Sometimes, I tend to agree. That’s why since we were young, we were told this: Prevention is better than cure. Or, in other ways, spend some money regularly than to spend more money when you’re sick. (P.S. The painkiller is used merely as a reference. Try not to take any painkillers if possible)


Labour labour Eh. Seems legit.

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