Five Types of “Big Cannon Fairies” (大炮仙) in Singapore & Malaysia


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

In case you’re confused, “Big Cannon Fairies” means “大炮仙” in Hokkien: It refers to someone who exaggerates his success to boost his ego. I’m sure you’ve at least one friend who is a Big Cannon Fairy. Or maybe you’re one yourself?

“The Business Owner”
Usually, they run a business and like to talk about how to run a business. They’ve read all books by Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Peter Drucker. Strangely, they spend more time talking about business than doing business, and often teach others how to run their business merely to boost their ego.
Thanks, but no thanks.

“The MLM Agent”
They refer themselves as “distributor” (which, if you’ve studied business, is technically the correct term) and are usually full-time students who wear shirts and ties to school. Very often, they visit second-hand car dealers to take a picture with a sports car, make sure you see their $30 Rolex and they’re always sharing their opportunity with like-minded people (people who want success). Non like-minded people are losers. And usually, their cannons least for only about six months or so.

“The Sales Agent”
It’s very easy to differentiate a successful agent and a Big Cannon Fairy. Too easy. The Big Cannon Fairy expects every prospect to become a customer by showing their success. The successful agent works hard to succeed.

“The Poor Man”
This friend, when he was a student, said that he received only $5.00 allowance for all his meals, and yet not working part-time. This friend, when he was working, claimed to have a monthly salary of $2,000, yet he drove a Mercedes. This friend claimed not to take money from his parents, but have extremely rich parents.

“The Published Author”
Strange that I am writing this, since I am one. But then again, I’m the best person to say this. Let’s just use this simple example: Someone contacted me, said that he was a “published author” and wanted to give me advice about writing. When I asked for the definition of a “published author”, he said he was published in his school newsletter.
Well…let’s just say this happen very often to me.


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