Flying robots are going to take over waiters in Singapore SOON


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

We’ve got self-driving cars that have 0% accident rate, we’ve got pilot drones that deliver online orders from Amazon fuilfilment centre, and now, we’ve got drones that serve you food.

The line between the present and the future is thinner than we expected.

While it could look eerily clumsy, it flies amazingly well, cutting through the air better than a drunken person. But before you quit your job as a waiter, hold on; waiters are still required. The drones merely deliver the dish or drink to a designated table, and someone still has to take it off the drone. But whether this “someone” could be the waiter or the customer in the future is yet unknown.

Safety wise, it seems to be covered—just like self-driving cars, they’re equipped with infrared sensors that can avoid incoming obstacles or humans. Of course it can’t react well when a speeding child come crashing on it, but we’re sure even a waiter who has IPPT Gold won’t be able to dodge that.

These drones, developed by Infinium Robotics, don’t come cheap: for five outlets, it is a low seven-figure cost. That means it’s at least 1 million dollars for that cool factor, and possibly saving some cost.

While we’re not sure when we’ll see drones in many restaurants soon, we’re sure of one thing: we’ll definitely see them. After all, cars can drive by themselves. Why do we still need a person to walk thirty metres just to pass a cup of iced water to you?


See how it work here:

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