Gatecrashing gone wrong: “Brother” went to A&E after drinking THIS

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Weddings are supposed to be the happiest moments of our lives. For a wedding, brides, grooms, their families and friends all have to plan for months and put in lots of effort just to ensure that everything goes smooth for the couple on the wedding day itself, wishing them the very best for their marriage.

Another thing about marriage is about sticking to some sort of fun tradition or customs to hype up the atmosphere. For the Chinese, gatecrashing seems to be one of those fun events that can’t be missed out on the wedding day itself. Gatecrashing is basically a group of “sisters” from the bride’s side coming up with games for the “brothers” on the groom’s side. This is done so to make the groom realise that it is not as easy as he thinks to marry his love and also to make sure he really treats the bride well.

However, gatecrashing can sometimes go overboard. Apart from the common angpow giving sessions, doing some physical activities and making the groom confess to the bride, the sisters can never fail to come up with torturous ideas to see the brothers suffer. While all that is fun, it probably isn’t such a good thing to call for an ambulance on the wedding day.

On the morning of 17 October, a couple was happily preparing for the big day. While the groom initially made it clear to the bride that he’s not interested in the gatecrashing gimmick, he was surprised to find out that the group of sisters insisted on playing a simple game when he arrived at Orchard Parade hotel. The game involves the tasting of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy things. This is probably due to the Chinese idea of going through all kinds of things together.

When it came to the spicy part, cups of super spicy chilli water were prepared. Of course, the groom’s “brothers” drank it for him. After a short while, both were vomiting and having diarrhea. One of them even felt difficulty breathing, resulting in the need for him to be sent to the hospital.

While nothing happened to the groom, it didn’t seem like it was a good sign that someone had to be sent to the hospital on their big day. Games are fun and all but what really matters is still the happiness and safety of everybody involved in the wedding.

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