Guys, If You’ve Never Owned These 10 Toys Before, You’ve Got No Childhood

We, referring to the 90s kids here, grew up in an era of Gameboys and PSPs. Those may be fun, but nothing can compare to taking over the whole world with real, physical toys.

If you’ve spent all your time on the screen and have never touched these toys before, you have no childhood – and you should probably spend some time with your baby cousin and relive your childhood.

Toys soldiers

Even better if it’s complete with tanks, aerial support and artillery support. These little heroes filled the bulk of every young boy’s childhood, and they taught us how to be selfless men. Hats (or helmets) off to these tiny plastic greenies!

Pokemon figurines

It doesn’t have to be Pokemon, as long as it is figurines of a cartoon, and you have an army of them. Your soldiers need somebody to fight them! Before Micheal Bay came up with alien robots vs humans, we had fire breathing Pokemon vs little soldiers. And the soldiers win! Every. Single. Time.


We started off with just a few bricks, but over the year, it only grew bigger, better, BADDER. Later on, we even had Lego figurines like the much loved Bionicle series which the bastards at Lego discontinued. We built the entire world with these babies. And we’re convinced that all architects started off with Lego bricks.

Railway trains

We’re talking about the real trains, the kind of coal driven, heavy haul, greasy, no-nonsense childish music kind of trains. The kind that uses 9-volt batteries. The manly kind. And your tracks better be grey or black!

Construction toys

Same here, if a smiling yellow man called Bob the Builder appears anywhere in your set, it doesn’t count. This is the man kind of toys. Only the strongest can play with them. It is best complete with excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, stationary cranes and mobile cranes. We had to wear a helmet to play, and this is the game that introduced us to the world of screwdrivers, drills and saws.

City building


We built entire cities in just an afternoon. And sometimes we include ERPs.


You just cannot, cannot leave planes out of a boy’s childhood. This may or may not be played with the toy soldiers. The poorer kids would just fold an A4 paper into an aeroplane.

Remote controlled cars

This is the toy that’ll make a boy study so hard, he gets straight A’s to convince his mum to buy one for him.


This is the toy that’ll be brought out after every Star Wars, Jet Lee or Lord of the Rings movie, much to the annoyance of the parents, and the Tua Peh Gong, who is under high risk of being accidentally knocked off the shelf.

Rubber band

This one requires long periods of training and practice to be competent in battles. And trust me, getting hit by one of these isn’t a joke.

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