Guys, these D.I.Y Valentine’s Day Gift ideas that will make your girlfriend love you more


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:08 pm

Wondering what to get for your girlfriend this Valentine’s? Why not make something for your special one instead of simply buying a gift? These are 10 ideas that you may want to try!

What better way to document memories than to print out pictures and keep them? Print photos of you and your girlfriend, paste them in a scrapbook and decorate away! You can always use coloured paper and bind them with a ribbon if you can’t find a nice, affordable scrapbook.

Pocket Album
Similar to scrapbooking, just much more portable and creative. Let your imagination run wild. Check out the tutorial here.

Marbled Mugs


All you need is a plain mug, some nail polish (you can steal them from your girlfriends, sister, mother etc) and water and you’re good to go! Check out the tutorial here.

Coffee/Tea scented candles
Tried this myself. A little tedious but definitely worth it for those with girlfriends who love the smell of coffee or tea. Use fruit tea flavors than normal ones because these smell better! The tutorial can be found here.


Framed Scrabble tiles


Frame up your declaration of love for your girlfriend and she’ll definitely go “AWWWW…” All you need is a frame, scrabble tiles (get them online or from Art Friend) and mod podge.

Map photo frame


Girlfriend a travel junkie? This will melt her heart! Putting two things she loves, together. How sweet!


Reasons you’re loved…
People usually come up with 52 reasons by using a deck of poker cards. But if you guys can’t think of that many then settle on 20 or more. Use sticks, or coloured paper, or letters. Get creative!

Pop-up Card


Better than your average cards. Also for those guys out there who are men of few words. A cute card like this will show your girlfriend how much she means to you! The tutorial can be found here.

Memory Jar
Store your best moments in a simply decorated mason jar. Best thing is to make it an annual gift. Keep writing your best memories with each other or of yourself , on paper and then storing them inside the jar. Read them over again the next Valentine’s (or when you need to be perked up)!

Bouquet of Roses
Make em’ not buy em’. Use paper, or ribbons, or anything else that would make a good rose. Extra points for creativity, double extra points for effort!

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