Guys, when your girlfriends does these 11 things, she’s ready to marry you

Okay guys, there will come a time in life where you will meet the greatest challenge of your time. No, it’s not NS, nah it’s not your first skydiving attempt (although that comes a close second) nor is it trying to get into your boss’ good books. It’s something closer to you, and it has the ability to make you stressed out for months on end before you decide to do something about it.

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about popping the question, giving your girlfriend a promotion. Do you find yourself trying to come up with innovative ways to impress her enough to scam her into getting married with you for that 5 minutes?

Well, this article isn’t meant to teach you how to propose, we’re not experts at proposal, although we’re probably quite good at telling you about the failed attempts at proposing we’ve seen on the net, but what we can help you with is to identify the 11 signs you should look out for to see if your girlfriend is ready to say “I do” to you.


She’s talking and chatting with your parents
Girls, like guys, are afraid of talking to their partner’s parents if they’re unsure, because they don’t want them to know who broke their son’s heart. If she’s willing to spend time with your parents and actively sought for their approval, chances are she’s already decided that you’re the one she wants in her life forever.

She’s looking at the areas she would want to stay at
Just like guys uses “Want to apply for HDB together” as a replacement question for “Will you marry me” in Singapore, girls can pretty much do the same thing as well. If she starts talking to you about areas she would love to live at in the future, she’s saying “Will you just propose now damnit!

She’s make it clear you’re her number 1 priority
She is completely willing to blow her friend’s invitation to club just to spend time with you, and you realize that whenever she makes plans to go out with her friends, she’ll check with you to see which day you’re too busy to meet her before she settles on a date. Hey, that’s one woman who knows how important commitment is required in a relationship. What are you waiting for? Grab her off the shelf before it’s too late, man.

She’s learning how to cook together with you instead of eating out
She used to love eating out, but then as time pass, you realize she’s looking into experimenting with various cooking methods and using you as a guinea pig. If that’s not a declaration asking you to make her your housewife, then what is?

She starts to save money instead of spending like she used to
She knows how costly it is to have a wedding, renovate the house and basically start a family. Instead of waiting till you pop the question, she’s going to start saving till you’ve wised up to the fact that even before you asked, she has already said yes.

She starts talking about her friends getting married longingly
That’s a pretty big hint if you ask me. People usually only talk about things that they want, and this include girls whom most men will never understand. If your girlfriend starts talking about her friends getting married all the time, she’s asking, “when is it my turn?” Don’t be a jerk and keep her waiting too long, she’s going to leave if the status quo remains too long.

She’s more than willing to stay home with you instead of going out
She used to love going out, but now you realize that she’s equally happy just staying home with you and spending time together doing mundane stuff.

She uses the word “When” when talking about the future
It might be used unconsciously, or it might be a conscious effort on her part, but when she starts using “when” instead of “if” during conversations about the future, she’s secure enough in the relationship and her love for you to move things up to the next stage – marriage.

She finds your “scratching balls” and “farting & burping” habits bearable, if not cute
As the saying goes, love makes you truly blind. If she finds your disgusting habits bearable or cute, you know she’s going to be the perfect person to stay with you at your side. Then “if you can’t fight them, join them” comes into effect and before long, she’ll join you in scratching below, and burping and farting along with the best of them.

She starts talking about kids with you
Kids are huge commitment and pretty much a sensitive issue to touch on in any relationship, especially when women knows that the moment they give birth, they’ll lose their beautiful figure. If she’s willing to touch on the topic of kids with you, she’s more than ready for you.

She directly proposes to you
Sometimes, when she decides that the relationship has stayed this way for too long, she will directly ask you, “When are you going to ask me to marry you?” If you’re a commitment phobe and find yourself unable to answer her question, you’re going to lose her. But if you’re just looking for a sign that shows she wants to marry you, this would be like a flashing neon sign in the dark saying “YES, I DO!”

Then for the rest of your marriage, you can use this to say that she proposed to you instead of you proposing to her.