Guys, when your relationship experience these 10 changes, it’s time to propose


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:48 pm

Guys, how do you know if you’re ready to propose? Here’s 10 signs in your relationship to look for to see if she will say ‘I Do’ to your big question!

Done the most embarrassing or disgusting thing to you
Burping and farting shamelessly isn’t even an issue anymore. The once ‘behind-closed-doors’ thing that you thought she doesn’t even do is now a routine that you cannot escape.

Bossy over certain friendships of yours
When kaypo becomes an underrated word to describe how much she engages herself in your friendships. She tells you time and again to consider certain ‘friendships’, just because she wants the best for you.

Taking care of you on a whole new level
She knows what to bring to you and how to cheer you up when you’re sick as hell. Be it medicine, your favourite congee, a bottle of herbal tea or a couple of Star wars movies for you to chill at home. She has got it all covered.

Helping you do motherly things
Your laundry and that dirty rug in your room. She finds it too annoying and ended up washing it for you. She shops your groceries for you as you’re always complaining about how you are hungry in the middle of the night. She even becomes your personal groomer at times, such as digging your ear for you?

Sharing literally everything
She tells you everything, anything, and WAY too much. She tells you about her bad day with her bitchy colleague, or that she forgot to shave her legs yesterday. She even tells you about how bad her diarrhoea has gotten, or how her Photoshop has crashed halfway…Seriously?


 Hanging out with your friends/family
She has been hanging out with your family and friends so much. You start wondering when she became BFFs with your friend as well. You have no idea about that time she went shopping with your sister.

Conversation topics
Your conversations now are an indication that your relationship is on serious mode. You both talk about BTOs, COEs, and where your dream wedding should be held. You both once talked about which area you’re going to stay in the near future.

Financial Planning
Both of you know each others’ financial means, and you both have started on some financial plans for the future. You know she’s a keeper if she persuades you in saving that extra money instead of buying an expensive bag for her.

Spending quality time together with each others’ hobbies
She likes cooking and you sometimes cook with her on the weekends. She knows you’re a fan of Christiano Ronaldo and she had watched the Ronaldo movie with you, because it’s nice spending time together doing things each of you likes.


Tried to make an effort in your interest
That time when you said you said you like Lewis Hamilton and she went to research about him. Or that time when you casually said you want to go backpacking, and she began planning her schedule to go along with you. It’s the effort that counts.

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