Hard truth: You must earn this amount to be successful in S’pore

Are you ready for the truth? If not, I would highly suggest that you click away, because this is going to be pretty ugly. If you are, here’s the hard truth that might make you cry out loud, agree to disagree, or share this with your friends who might be trapped in this materialistic world.

How much do you need to earn to be successful in Singapore?

Well, here’s the answer: you need to smile at least three hours a day, laugh at least one hour a day and most importantly spend time with your loved ones at least five hours a day.

I know there are bound to be people who are disappointed at the answer, and say that we’ve misled you into thinking that we’re trying to give you some figures based on some financial experts.

If that is true, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, and I’m sorry for you, too. You see, we all agree that money is important in a materialistic country like Singapore. Without it, we won’t be able to lead a good life—but here’s the thing.

The word “good” is very, very subjective. How do you define good? Is living in an HDB considered good, or does only a condo equal to “good”? I’ve a neighbour, and he’s the highest earning person I’ve ever come across.

Working as a security officer and riding a bike, he has two kids. After office hours when I’ve reached home and seen him, he’s always wearing a smile as he makes his way to work.

He might be earning less than $1,400 a month, but he’s earning respect, happiness and fulfilment. Isn’t that “amount” considered successful? It’s easy to lose ourselves in a world filled with luxury cars and big houses, but if one really has a direction, no one can change where we want to be.

In Singapore, you’ve got to admit that as long as you work, you’ll be able to survive. And as long as you can survive, you can earn the happiness you want. The crazy obsession to measure wealth with the number of zeros in your bank account is never set by society, but by how you look at society.

So do yourself a favour. If you’ve still thinking of getting a number out from this article, then here’s the answer: there’s no answer. Because no matter how much you earn, you’ll never be successful when you forget how to smile.

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