Here is a Neat Trick Not to Appear ‘Online’ in WhatsApp

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Whatsapp can drive people crazy with all of its ‘online’, ‘last seen’ and ‘blue ticks’ functions.

Sometimes, you just want to escape from these irritating things. You don’t want to feel pressurised into replying.

You don’t want your friends to know that you’re reading the messages and you don’t want your realationships to go sour because of these stupid things.

Next time, if you have an incoming Whatsapp message and you want to appear offline so you can take your own sweet time to type out a reply or you simply don’t want the other person to be online when they see you being online, you can try out this trick.

  1. Do not click in when you see the notification pop up.
  2. Switch on airplane mode.
  3. Click in to check your notification now.
  4. If you want to reply later, you can just get out of Whatsapp and turn off your airplane mode. If not, take your time to type your reply and press ‘send’.
  5. Get out of Whatsapp. Turn off your airplane mode so your message gets sent. Tadah!

Simple trick, isn’t it? If you have already switched off your ‘blue ticks’ and ‘last seen’ but that’s still not enough for you, do go with this tip.

The whole idea is simple: you’re essentially cutting off your connection with a tap whenever you want to.

But of course, it’s really apt to say this here: you can hide, but you can’t run.

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