Here’re the differences between silent mob and open mob

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All NSmen have a few periods in the year to take note of: In-camp Training, Annual IPPT window and Mob Manning. ICT and IPPT are pretty simple to understand, both being one-time thing with notice being given in advanced, but Mob Manning is on a whole different level.

Not only are your plans disrupted when you’re told that your unit is on manning duty for a certain period, it can be pretty confusing when you encounter a different kind of activation.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Here’s a simple video we’ve done about NS in the army that you should know:


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Google the term “mob manning” and you’ll be given links to sgforums, hardwarezone (and NSportal) where plenty of NSmen post questions requesting for advice from more experienced NSmen, usually in how to siam these exercises.

Mob manning is a period (usually 2 weeks) where an Operationally Ready unit has to be on standby duty and soldiers are expected to be ready to go back to camp with their military barang-barang when they’re mobilized. This means no going overseas and ten-pack items ready.

There are two types of mobilization, the open mob or the silent mob. The key differences between the two is the way NSmen are notified when they have to book in to camp, so there are key things to look out for when you’re in your mob manning period.

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Silent Mob
As the name indicates, the mobilization is mostly hush-hush to the public, so you’ll be notified through your phone primarily. This means if your contact is not updated, there’s a chance you’ll miss out on the mobilization, which could result in bad consequences for you because this means you’ve not done your duty in updating your contact particulars via the NS portal.

Silent mobs are (usually) used by units to activate their NSmen to familiarize them with the process of mobilization and details like where to report in, where to draw their stores and where to gather.

You’re (usually) notified in advanced about the mobilization so all you have to do is to pay more attention to your phone on that day. And don’t think you’ll siam if you go get MC in the morning, because some units still expect you to report back without your field pack to endorse your MC. And people will go to your house to get you to come to camp.


Open Mob
This is the more serious type of mobilization, and media outlets like television, radios, theatres and cinemas will show the mobilization notice and code words. You’re expected to drop everything and make your way to camp when you see the code words. Depending on your unit, you might also have a ‘spider web’ where you’ll have to inform two other fellow soldiers in the unit as well.

Now, there’s a third kind of mobilization which has plagued plenty of our nightmares whenever we are on mob manning, and that’s ops manning. For this, not only do you have to go back to camp, you’ll also have to go outfield to carry out military exercises.

Going outfield is not much of an issue, but doing so without being mentally prepared can result in loads of inertia, meaning plenty of cursing, swearing and unhappiness. If you suay suay kena, all we can say is, all the best to you, bro.

Aren’t you glad you stumbled upon this article, dear reader? Now you can go back to NSportal where they actually have good information.

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