Here’re the sweet things Qi Yuwu did for Joanne Peh that shows he’s not that cool after all

They are Singapore’s most talked about newly-weds for the year 2014, and most probably 2015 as well. Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh started dating in 2013 and had their private wedding on 9 September 2014.

Looking at Qi Yuwu, you’d have thought he’s a cool and manly guy, but you got to admit, he has his sweet moments as well.

Here are some of the sweet things Qi Yuwu did for Joanne Peh that shows his sweet and sentimental side as well.

He wrote a personal letter to his wife when he goes for overseas assignment

Yes, no matter the fact that you have Skype and WhatsApp available today to let you communicate with each other on a daily basis, you’d still want to pen a personal letter for her and leave it by the bedside before leaving for your overseas assignment.

Cook bird nest for her

Whoever says real men don’t cook? Whenever his wife is tired, he’ll put on his apron and whip out his culinary skills and cook a bowl of birds nest just for her.

“I wasn’t watching the movie (on our first cinema date). I was watching her.”

When asked to pose for a shot as though they’re on a date to the movies, Qi mused and said that he wasn’t paying attention to the movie, but towards the beauty at his side instead. Now, if that wasn’t mushy enough, pay attention to the next one.

“I seem to have found a mirror and through her, I see the good and the bad in me. It makes me feel inferior and proud. I can be myself and grow up.”

Awww. He penned that out on a National Mandarin newspaper, Lianhe Zao Bao. How many girls wish their husbands would do that for them? That’s just like a love letter, broadcasted to the entire world.

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