Here’s 11 amazing uses of your lip balm you probably didn’t know exists

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Lip balm is not a glamor product but the fact that it contains rich moisturizer and nutrients make it a perfectly smart item. Here are the clever ways to use your lip balm (other than on your lips)!

Hand lotionHand lotionIn case you forget where you’ve put your hand cream, lip balm can be the cure to those dry patches. Rub it gently on the dry spots – the warmth of your hands make it spreadable.

Cuticle nutrientCuticle nutrientApply the lip balm to your cuticles, it helps to soften the texture as you wake up the next morning!

Glowy skinGlowy skinApply lip balm to your cheekbones by dabbing it. It boosts skin appearance and makes it look naturally glowy.

Eye cream

Another emergency rescue for your skin – apply lip balm to hydrate your under eyes. It minimizes the fine lines.

Keep your brows neatKeep your brows neatIf you think your eye brows are nowhere near gorgeous after you wake up, you can apply a little lip balm and put the soft hairs in place, like how you use gel for your hair.

Make eye glossMake eye glossMix your lip balm with your favorite eye shadow and you will get glossy dewy finish for today’s make up party.

Tame down the flyaway hairTame down the flyaway hairLip balm work as an oil to tame down your after-blowdry hair. Rub a little amount of lip balm on your palm and spruce up the hair. It does the job neatly. Unlike dabbing your hair with water, lip balm makes it shinier and let it tame longer.

Nose moisturizerNose moisturizerWhen you catch a cold, you will use your tissues rigorously and make the skin on nose area irritated. Apply lip balm on your nose regularly to prevent redness.

Moist up the dry skinMoist up the dry skinThere are indeed, dry patches on the heels of your feet or elbow. Use lip balm and rub it on to the dry skin – a perfect preventer for chapstick especially if you are going for a run!

Zipper saverZipperSticky zipper is now gone with little help from your lip balm. Spread the balm on your zipper to lubricate it. It makes the unzipping runs smoothly.

Shoe shinerwomen_shoes_PNG7443If your shoes have been looking so dull these days, spread the lip balm on the surface and see how glossy it looks! Or, you can make the laces stay in place by spreading the lip balm on the knot.