Here’s 9 Of The Weirdest Things Ever Sold On eBay

The internet is a modern miracle and it is amazing what we can accomplish with this technology. Not only has the internet changed the way we communicate with each other, it has also revolutionised and reinvented the way we buy and sell things. From human skulls to zombie survival (apocalypse) kits (yes, you read that right), you can get just about aaaanythingyou dream of online. Apocalypse KitImage Credit:

eBay is an online auction and shopping platform for people and businesses alike to buy and sell goods or services worldwide. What started off as a company that only allowed sales of collectables by verified sellers, eBay has evolved into a platform that allows just about anyone, buy and sell anything, to anyone. Carrying one of the world’s largest collection of items and consumer goods online, you can get anything there. For example, eBay would be the perfect go-to place for you if you ever wanted to buy or sell a deep-fried boot. This year marks the 20th year of insanity on eBay and what better way is there to celebrate their 20th anniversary than to present to you some of the craziest things you can buy off eBay?

1. Broken Lazer PointerBroken Lazer Pointer

Image Credit: Georgy90 |

So Pierre Omidyar (the founder of eBay) was testing out his code during the website’s prepubescent years and the first item that he ever listed and sold on the site in 1995 was a Broken Lazer Pointer. He did email the buyer to check if he knew it was broken and his reply was that “he was a collector of Broken Lazer Pointers”.  Instead of throwing the spoilt pointer out, he managed to sell it for USD$14.83 to that collector. Talk about having overly specific tastes.

2. The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of lifeImage Credit: Creighton Miller |

The item’s description was, “I have discovered the reason for our existence and will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder.” Eventually, the winning bid went to a buyer who paid USD$3.26 dollars for it. Hope the answer was not “chocolates”.

3. A Grandmother Grandmother

4. Britney Spear’s Bubblegum

Britney SpearsImage Credit: Jason H. Smith |

During her Oops!… I Did It Again tour performance at Wembley Arena back in the year 2000, the controversial pop star chewed and spat out a piece of bubble gum. A woman then picked it up and sold it for a whopping USD$14,000!

5. Ad Space on a Forehead

Forehead AdvertisementImage Credit: A Name Like Shield Can Make You Defensive |

6. An Imaginary Friend

Imaginary FriendImage Credit: Raphaël Labbé | On the advice of her psychiatrist, a 22 year old college student put her imaginary friend by the name of Bernard up for sale on eBay. You can imagine shipping charges to be reaaaaally cheap considering that Bernard will not be sent through post but rather via ‘imagination’ to the winning bid.

7. Justin Timberlake’s Half Eaten Sandwich

Justin Timberlake's Half Eaten SandwichImage Credit:

After Justin Timberlake too a bite out of his sandwich and left it half eaten during a pre-interview breakfast at Z100 radio station in New York, someone picked it up and sold it on eBay for an exorbitant amount of USD$1,025. It was a 19 year old JT fan who placed the winning bid.

8. World’s Largest BBQ Pit – On a Truck!

World's Largest BBQ pitImage credit: terryfolsom69 |

Fancy a trailer-sized BBQ pit? For just USD$350,000, you can own one! A total of 24 doors for the BBQ pit, the whole trailer is a stupendous 76 feet long. Includes walk-in coolers and even beer taps. I mean come on, everyone needs one of these in their lives right?

9. A Lunch Appointment With Warren Buffett

Warren BuffettImage Credit: Nemo bis |

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In 2015, the winning bid of USD$2.3 million went to a businessman named Andy Chua from Singapore. It was more than double that of the previous year’s bid of over USD$1 million dollars. The winner of the bid can bring along up to seven friends to wine and dine with Warren Buffett at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York City; all while munching on his intellectual investment tidbits.

Sure you can get the craziest things on eBay but being the world’s largest consumer-based marketplace, eBay also sells everything from electronics, collectibles, sporting goods, cars to pre-loved items. So if you ever decide to shop at eBay, do not forget to do so with ShopBack! Get cashbacks and coupons of up to 1.0% just by simply completing your purchase in the same window!

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