Here’s a little-known secret to wearing high-heels without pain

Ladies, most of you will probably have a love-hate relationship with heels, right? They make your legs look sleeker and sexier, but they can be a pain to wear literally, right?

Well, if you find wearing heels painful, here’s a couple of tricks you can use to really cut down on the pain when wearing these babies. Try them out and you’ll find wearing heels less of a pain and more of an enjoyment.

Go for thick straps.
The thicker the better. Thick straps help to ensure that your feet won’t slip too much within the high-heels, hence reducing friction which is where most foot pain from wearing heels comes from.

Take it off whenever possible
If you’re sitting down at a place, or working at your desk, take them out and let your feet rest until the next time you have to put them on again. Elevate your feet like to help reduce pain.

Go thick for the heels as well
Stiletto heels are the worst for your feet because they can’t distribute your weight properly. Instead, go for chunky heels which help to at least reduce weight misdistribution and reduce stress rendered on the feet.

Powder your heel
If you’re wearing pump heels, powder the tip with baby powder and you’ll find your feet slipping less. As a bonus, it’ll absorb moisture and keep your feet smelling good even if you’re not wearing socks.

Larger shoes
Alright, we’re not talking about having a shoe so big you’ll slip out of them with every step, but if they’re too tight or just nice, bring them to be stretched out a bit bigger to have a more comfortable time.

Bring a spare…comfortable shoes/slippers
Maybe you only need to wear heels at certain meetings or gatherings. Wear a pair of flip flops and change into your heels when necessary. Your feet will thank you.

Go all out and see what suits you
When you’re free, go to any shops and try on different types of heels. Go all out and try all of them. Then find the one that fits you best and you’ll have an easier time walking around in heels.

Cut your toenails regularly
This might be pretty common sense, but we still wanted to put this out there because if you don’t cut your nails and wear heels, chances are you’ll have to visit a doctor soon for ingrown toenails. Either that or you’ll be limping after half a day of wear.

So now that we’ve let you in on a couple of “hacks” when wearing heels, try them out and you’ll find walking around in heels to be less of a bitch.


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