Here’s a simple way to find out if you have a ‘male’ brain or a ‘female’ brain

Okay, before we get into specifics, what’s exactly a male brain and a female brain? You’ll be surprised to know that brains are broadly categorized into 2 types – the female which is more empathetic, or the male which are more sympathetic. So don’t be surprised if you’re a guy and you see that you’ve got a female brain. It happens. Chill.

So, here’s how you determine if you’ve got a male or female brain. All it takes is a quick glance at your hand, or more specifically, the length of your index finger and ring finger.

‘Female Brain’

hand 1

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you have a ‘female’ brain. Now, before you guys go screaming your heads off, know that it simply means you can relate to others better, and have a better grasp on language. You’re attractive and tend to be more emotional compared to people with ‘male’ brains.

‘Male Brain’

hand 2

Now, if your ring finger happen to be longer than your index finger, you’ll probably have a ‘male’ brain. You’re adventurous and wants life to be exciting, always on the lookout for thrills. You’re active and has a lot of guts. If you’re a girl, people might know you as a ‘tomboy’, or just a feisty girl.

So, take a look at your right hand and see if you’ve gotten a ‘male’ or ‘female’ brain! It’s pretty interesting to compare with your partner because who knows, your girlfriend might have the ‘male’ brain while you have the ‘female’ brain. That’ll explain why she’s wearing the pants in the relationship, doesn’t it? Let us know how this simple test works out for you!



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