Here’s What Actually Happened to K Box & Why You Don’t See It Anywhere Now

Teo Heng and Manekineko might be dominating the local Karaoke scene right now, but it was a different scenario a long, long time ago.

Back then, there were actually two other companies fighting it out: Partyworld KTV and K Box.


While Partyworld is still very much in the game, the same can’t be said for K Box.

What actually happened to K Box?


In early 2016, Manekineko had taken over karaoke chain K Box.

Seven of the former K Box outlets, including the one at Orchard Cineleisure, have been revamped.

So yes, K Box was effectively “killed off” by a current big game player. Life really doesn’t give chances, does it?

What’s this Manekineko that bought over our favourite K Box?


For a start, it’s not a company started by cats, though it has a logo of a cute cat.

Its parent company, Koshidaka Holdings, is a Japan MNC that operates KTVs, fitness centres and  hot spring centres. In Japan alone, they have over 400 KTV outlets.

It’s no surprise that their expansion overseas includes buying over K Box and “transforming” the outlets into their brand.

How was K Box like?

While K Box was indeed Partyworld’s main competitor years ago, the truth’s that the two companies are more similar than people give them credit for.

For one, the difference in pricing rates was barely negligible.

For two, the room sizes were roughly the same.

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For three, they were just similar.

So for those of you who have never been to K Box (either because you had no life, sang like a frog or just a young un), your best bet would be to envision a Partyworld KTV that wasn’t quite Partyworld KTV.

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Honestly, the Karaoke places right now are so much better.

Firstly, they are so much cheaper.

Secondly, there are so many other options. Manekineko even offers buffet spreads. Unbelievable.

So if I can be brutally honest here…

You aren’t missing out much even if K Box isn’t around anymore.

*Cue incoming Bullshitmon battle*

K Box fan: Flaming comments, use fire punch!

Goody Feed writer: Skin, use Harden!

K Box fan: Personal attack, use Dynamic Punch!

Goody Feed writer: Skin, run away!

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