How to Turn Your Fan Into An Air-Conditioner With Only Water Bottles & Salt

Not everyone is blessed with an air-conditioner in their rooms, but unfortunately, everyone is “blessed” with the hot weather in Singapore.

If you’re one without an air-conditioner, fret not: there’s apparently a simple trick to turn your fan into an air-conditioner, and you need not dismantle it or have any chim engineering background.

Image: Reddit (r/memetemplatesofficial)

All you need are a few water bottles, some salt and of course, your fan!

Here’re the steps:

  1. Prepare six bottles of water bottles and fill them with water
  2. Put about three teaspoon of salt into each bottle
  3. Place all water bottles into the freezer to freeze them
  4. Whenever you need air-conditioned air, take three bottles out and place them in front of your fan
  5. After two to three hours, refreeze those bottles and replace them with the other three frozen bottles

Yes, it’s that easy. If you think about it, it’s exactly how air-conditioner works, just that you can’t control the temperature. If you want it to be colder, just add more bottles or change them more regularly.

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Here’s the thing though: because there isn’t any ventilation, you’ll still need to open the windows. It might make the room slightly hotter and the frozen water to lose its effect faster, but it’s better than suffocating to death.

Not only is this cheaper, it’s also more environmentally friendly! As for the bottles, it’s advisable to change them every few days.

Oh, you’re welcome.

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