Here’s another celebrity living in Sentosa Cove: Vincent NG, and he’s…

I bet most, if not all, of us knows who Vincent Ng is, right? He is, after all, known for having the best physique in Singapore’s showbiz scene before the fitness craze hit Singaporean celebrities and Zheng Ge Ping. I know most girls, and probably some guys, watched Heartlanders, a channel five drama series, not for the plot but for him instead.

So, what has this actor been doing since he left showbiz?

He’s started his own martial arts school, Wufang and he’s moved into Sentosa Cove, the place to live for the rich, the famous and the all-round successful people in Singapore.

Take a tour of his house, and you’d see artfully designed walls (a large poster of him in a flying kungfu pose) and a minimalistic design that seems to reflect his personality.

He has spent around $100,000, yes you heard that right, $100,000 to furnish the unit. And if that’s not impressive enough, his bedroom has a small balcony. Sounds like living at a five-star holiday resort, doesn’t it?

When asked why he chose to live here, his response is surprising, yet unsurprising at the same time. It’s not because he can afford it, but because he loves the lifestyle the area provides him with. He loves exercising (big surprise there) and love having the option run and cycle around the island. In fact, if he wants to, he can take a boat out to sea since he has the license to captain a boat as well.

Now, what’s the only thing missing from this seemingly perfect bachelor pad?

It seems that all this place is lacking, is a woman. He expressed regret over spending too much time on his career for the past ten years, neglecting other aspects of life, and is now ready to start a family with the right woman that comes along.

So, what’s his ideal type? He wants someone confident, independent and secure. Do you fit the bill?

Well, if you do, here’s something that’s going to leave you feeling disappointed. He already has someone in mind.

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