Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Small Living Space and Make It Look Huge

Real estate in Malaysia can get very expensive, so sometimes we just have to make do with the small tiny spaces that we can purchase for exorbitant amounts of cash. Whatever the case, here are some tips on how to maximize the minute amount of space that you have.

These will include structure, design and extra tweaks you can use. The first important step is to de-clutter your house! A necessary step will be to get rid of some of your possessions. Living in a small space will teach you about what you really use in your life and making things count.

Anything you don’t use at least a few times a month can be should be sold to make more space for the more meaningful things! The next step is to try and use as much open space as possible and to reduce the number of walls.

However, something that you can include is elevated sleeping or working spaces. Try to maximize storage space by using a lot of hooks, storing things under beds or attaching objects to walls. Keeping your possessions organized in a small space is incredibly important as a few things out of place can make your entire house or apartment look like a bomb went off.

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The next step into hacking your small space is to create certain zones of your house. Some integration is necessary but it’s good to have some space between sleeping, working and dining.

This can be done through different pieces of furniture or the way certain objects are angled. After this, the next level of space efficiency is building things that slide.

When tables, beds, and cabinets can move around your small space, it can be transformed from an office to an art studio to a bedroom. The possibilities are limitless!

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There are always small things that you can do that can suddenly make a small space seem huge! This quick trick works by using mirrors on doors and walls to magnify the spaces.

This makes walkways and rooms appear wider and more spacious. Investing in a few significant pieces of furniture can make a statement over having lots of little pieces that fill up space. We always want to be mindful of the story your house or apartment will tell based on the few things they can see.

Lastly, find things that have more than one purpose such as trunks that can be used as tables, or kitchen tops that can double as office spaces. If you’re looking for great furniture deals, you can always head to sites like Lazada Malaysia or Groupon on ShopBack. You’ll get great deals on items tailored to the Malaysian home that are small-space friendly! Plus, shopping with us also allows you to claim cashback everytime you make a purchase, on top of whatever discount and deal they have at the moment!


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