Here’s Why A Gatsby Themed Wedding Should Be Your Wedding Goals

I love her and that is the beginning and the end of everything. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Roaring Twenties (1920s) were the golden age in American history was truly an era of glitz, glamour, and glorious opulence. This decade of sparkly embellished jewels, silky sheaths, and ornate headpieces, was further revolutionized with the novel and also the 2013 movie “The Great Gatsby”.

With the rich colours, lavish ornamentation and bold geometric shapes of that heady cultural period, it’s no wonder the 1920s theme is jazzing up so many weddings. Couples today incorporate little details from feathers, vintage cars, to even Jazzy dance music to using colours such as white, black and gold to evoke a sense of class and glamour. For couples who wish to minimize the use of black during their wedding to avoid the disapproval of older generation, you may replace with pink, silver, grey or even yellow.

Aiido team explored ways to creatively incorporate the elegance and opulence of the fabulous Jazz age with art deco elements into your big day with a modern Singaporean twist.


The wedding gown

Starting from the dress, instead of going all out with a flapper style dress, brides could go for a curve-hugging silhouette piece with glistening embellishments which shine with vintage glamour. Look out for details such as art deco sequins, pearls, feathers and geometric patterns which are wedding-worthy.

The selected gown from Le Seine Bridal Boutique featured art deco motifs with pearl embellishments. The sleeves added a sweet modest touch, the tulle-enhanced femininity whilst softening the heavy embellishments. Most importantly, the gown flattered bride Cherri’s figure.


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As part of their package, they provided complimentary rental of matching accessories.

If you prefer to do without a headpiece, you could certainly glam it up by accessorizing with long strings of pearls, chunky gold or even be a pair of geometric cut earrings to complete the look.

The Makeup

Back in the 1920s, the ladies would have very dark, intense smoky eyes, thinly drawn downward eyebrows and dark red lip. If you like, you might want to add a fake mole on the right cheek like Daisy had.


Zinny the makeup artist gave Bride Cherri smokey eyes in earth hues, with a focus on her lips. Her hair was curled to achieve finger waves and adorned with an elaborate pearl beaded headpiece. Alternatively, you can have them up in a French chignon.


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The Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonnière

The bridal bouquet designed by Petite Pétale was crafted using white, cream and blush roses and customers as these colours and flowers are simple, elegant and timeless, a dash of blue and muted grey was added in to give this bouquet a contemporary spin.


For the adventurous groom, go for flashy suits in metallic colour. Otherwise, the classic suit completed with the black bow tie will never go wrong. On Groom Maurice, the grey suit with black trimmings set the groom out to look dashing with minimum efforts. The groom’s boutonnière takes the same colour tone and flowers from the bridal bouquet.

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The Vintage Car

What we would really recommend would be to get a vintage car, as it will really add a touch of class for the getaway. It is a rare sight to see such a well maintained vintage car in Singapore that there were many passersby, even on the road whipping out their camera and phones to snap a shot of this beauty, the Morgan Plus 4, a traditionally styled Morgan with oomph.

This Morgan Plus 4 is an utterly timeless roadster.




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Tips for this photoshoot:

From the conceptualization of the theme to the day of the photoshoot, there was a lot of planning involved. From selecting the perfect vendor, creating the lookbook and even checking the weather forecast. For couples who are planning their Gatsby inspired pre-wedding photoshoot, here are some tips Aiido team would like to share.

Although Singapore might seem small and limited, if you do your homework well and you will be able to find some hidden gems. You don’t have to spend big bucks and travel overseas for beautiful pre-wedding pictures. You can do it right here.

For the Gatsby-inspired theme, we looked for European style architecture. Some locations you could consider would include Victoria Theatre, National Gallery Singapore, and The Arts House, but be sure to obtain permission first!




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The cost breakdown of this styled shoot is as follows:



Thoughts from the couple, Maurice, and Cherriann

“The theme was very fun and unique, something we wouldn’t have decided to do ourselves because it would have been difficult to get the necessary props, outfits to create the look. We had a really good time during the shoot!

Zachary the photographer was very friendly, easy going. We enjoyed shooting with him.

Zinny, the Makeup artist was able to recreate the great gatsby ‘feel’ very well!


Although Le Seine Bridal boutique had a small selection of dresses and suits, but we still managed to find outfits we liked.

The Morgan was a gorgeous car!

We loved the feather in the bouquet to fit the great gatsby theme!”


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Aiistory is a blog series that features themed shoots of love stories, especially curated by Aiido team with their vendors. Featuring real-life couples, Aiistory hopes to help them visualise how they want their pre-wedding shoot to look like and shortlist vendors whom they want to work with. We want you to be inspired and enlightened as we bring you through the virtual preparation process on – because every detail matters.

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