How Often Should You Text Your Crush Without Annoying Him/Her?


Got a new crush? Want to strike up a conversation with her? You decided to text her but you’re afraid that you’re pushing too much and she will feel disgusted or that you will get rejected before you even get to know her. Deep inside you, this question keeps ringing: “How often should i text my crush? Should i text my crush every day?”

Well, been there, done that.

Here are some guidelines to texting your crush.

How Often Should You Text Your Crush Without Annoying Him/Her?

While there is no scientific research or study to back this up, the general statistics show that your crush feels that it’s okay if you text her every 2 or 3 days.


…that’s provided you have a reason to do so. Just find any reason you can come out with as long as there’s a reason, because toughest part is the first text where you have to come up with a reason why you’re texting her or even why you have a number.

After that, things get easier.

Of course, you don’t have to stick strictly to that guideline. If you have something interesting to share with him/her, do so over a text. Simple greeting are also acceptable.

Furthermore, if you get a reply, it’s good to sometimes reply immediately. Other times, wait a while before replying so it doesn’t seem like you’ve been waiting for the text the entire day. But waiting up to 3 days to reply your crush is definitely not a good idea. It will just seem like you are rude and uninterested.

Also, do not consecutively send multiple messages to urge a reply, that will get on the nerves of your crush.

Do also note that if you don’t have a valid conversation starter or can’t get the conversation going anymore, do not force yourself to do so as that will just make your crush feel pressured. He/she will also not know what to reply.

Therefore, keep in mind that the quantity of the texts don’t matter, it’s the content and what keeps the conversation going.

So, how often do you text your crush?