Here’s how you can get rid of dark lips easily and naturally

Your smile is one of the first things that guys will notice first. So, to have a beautiful smile, you have to have beautiful lips. To make your lips visually appealing, you do not have to rely on heavy cosmetics like a fully loaded chemical ingredients lipstick. You can and should use natural ingredients to make your lips brighter. Not only it really does work, natural ingredients are also free of side effects!

So what exactly causes dark lips discoloration?
“The thickness of the skin covering the lips is less compared to that on the rest parts of the face. The lips tend to be naturally rosy or pink due to the underlying tissues.”

Some health problems that causing dark lips are; Allergic reactions, Hormonal imbalances and Vitamin deficiency. These things are also the cause of lips discoloration; Cigarette toxins, Caffeinated beverages, Alcohol, Chlorinated water, Sun exposure or humid temperatures, Poor or unbalanced diet, Low-quality cosmetics, Overuse of fluoride, Stress, Improper lifestyle habits.

Some causes above might not easy to be avoid, but having pink bright lips is not an impossible thing.


You just have to know what to do and how to do it!

Here’s what to do to have a beautiful natural pink lips:
Keep Your Body Hydrated ~ Lack of water and dehydration causes dark and dry lips. Drink sufficient amount of water to ensure your body remains hydrated. Lips contain the thinnest skin and they will easily become dry and chapped.
Avoid Harmful Lip Products ~ Stay away from cheap and low quality lip products. Those could cause extreme pigmentation. Use herbal natural lip products instead!

Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Lips ~ Use natural exfoliator and moisturizer to get the super lustrous lips you have been dreaming of. Here are the ingredients that you can easily find and use:



Sugar, Lemon and/or Baking soda

  • Sugar is a good exfoliating material that can help you in removing all the dead skin cells from your lips. Sugar is used to exfoliate the dead skin cells and prevent dark coloration.
  • Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent. You can also use it as one of the most effective herbal remedies for dark lips.
  • Baking soda is a favorite easy exfoliator, it helps removing dead skin cells.

You can use sugar by taking two spoons full of granulated sugar and add little water to make a thick paste. Or mix granulated sugar (1 tbsp) with honey (1 tbsp) and almond oil (1/2 tbsp). Scrub this mixture on your lips to make it soft and lighter. Repeat this every week.

You can scrub your lips with a piece of lemon to exfoliate your skin. Sprinkle some sugar on the lemon to make it more effective.  Or you can also apply a mixture of lemon juice, honey and glycerin (1/2 tbsp each) for improving the complexion of your lips.

After applying leave it overnight. Practice this remedy once a week until you get the desired results.
Honey also helps in making your lips look more pinkish. This combinational process helps to remove the dark and dead skin cells and give you natural pink color to the lips.

Moisturizing and Treatment:dark_lips_3


This glycerin treatment retains the moisture and prevents drying to get rid of dark lips. Other than sun exposure and improper maintenance, dryness might also cause pigmented lips. Apply glycerin over your lips using a cotton bud before going to bed every night.


Almond is rich in nutrients and high amounts of vitamin E, B, B2, and B6, fatty acids, anti-oxidants, PP, and phytosterols. Apply almond oil on your lips before bedtime as this helps to lighten the lips, thus reducing discoloration.


Pomegranate is high in polyphenols, flavonoids, and anti-oxidants and keeps skin hydrated by sealing in moisture. Crush some pomegranate seeds and add some rose water and milk cream to this paste. Scrub your lips with this mixture for 2 to 3 minutes. Cleanse your lips with warm water.

Olive oilOlive_oil


Olive oil makes lips vibrant and contains essential nutrients leaving lips soft and beautiful. Olive oil helps in softening and moisturizing your lips. It contains lots of essential nutrients that can make your lips beautiful. Massage your lips with virgin olive oil. Practice this every night.


Beetroot is rich in anti-oxidants and stimulates blood cell reproduction. Beetroot also adds natural coloration. Scrub a piece of beet root on your lips for 5 minutes. Leave it on for some time and allow your skin to soak all the juice. This will make your lips pinkish in color.


Honey is a natural moisturizer and softens lips thus restores natural lip color. Apply honey to clean lips anytime in a day or before you go to bed and leave it for a night.



Cucumber juice is a natural lightening agent and offers relief from pain or inflammation. Simply apply cucumber juice to your lips by massaging it slowly with your finger tips. You can use this anytime until you get the desired result.

Rosered roses

Rose helps in soothing and moisturizing your skin. It also improves the color of your lips. Add some honey to rose water and apply the mixture on your lips.

Potatoes SlicesPotatoes_Slices


Just like cucumber, potatoes are suitable for minimizing skin darkness. Use a slice of potatoes and rub against your lips for approximately five minutes.

Almond OilAlmond_Oil

Almond oil is good for moisturizing, softening and lightening dark lips. To make an effective dark skin lip lightener, mix few drops of almond oil with honey. You can also use castor oil following a gentle massage routine. Coconut oil is also an alternative.

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