Here’s how you put on flawless makeup in just 5 minutes

Yes, makeup can be time-consuming but going out without makeup can sometimes be horrifying. It’s really not that hard to have a gorgeous celeb-look for any occasion because these tips below will show you the trick!
Finally, the suffering can end today! The secret to look good faster can now become your make-up routine. No more spending hours in front of the mirror!

Here is how you can shave up those hassle steps of make up and go for these 5-minute tips to create a flawless natural look for your day-to-day activity.

1. Apply your foundation
The base of all make up; foundation is something you need to have for this quick natural look. Whether it’s creamy or compact, foundation can be applied using a sponge or simply rub it using your clean fingers. If you’re used to applying foundation and highlighter separately, this time, you can mix both liquid and create that natural sheer glow to your skin.
Apply evenly on your face starting from the center and then outwards. You don’t need a concealer this time because a foundation can actually do the trick. To avoid a cakey look, dab the foundation lightly over your under eyes and the blemish spots. Also, apply it over your neck.

2. Eyeliner
Eyeliner is like an eye-widener, especially when you have that tired face, eyeliner can refresh your look in a zap. Apply natural color eyeliner such as black or brown. Use pencil eyeliner because it’s easier to apply and minimize the flaw when ‘drawing’ the lid. Forget the cat-eye and start to define your own eyelids using the pencil liner.

3. Mascara
Woman Eye
For mascara, use the double-volume type to eliminate the use of false lashes. This type of mascara can add a definition to your eyes and make a more natural look. Coat your lashes two times starting from the root and glide the brush through the tips. You may want to keep your bottom lashes clean without any mascara to avoid any smudge.

4. Face powder and blush
Create Flawless Natural Look In 5 Minutes - face powder and brush
Face powder can create a smoother look. Use your brush to place the powder and tap off the excess. Blush your face evenly starting from the center of your face, the forehead, cheeks and nose tip. Remember, try to choose face powder shade that’s close to your skin tone.
The next step is to apply blush to your cheekbones to define your look. Slightly blushed cheekbones can help to pop up your look especially when you smile. Try peach or rosy color for a natural finish.

5. Lipstick
Create Flawless Natural Look In 5 Minutes - lip tint
Lip gloss or lip balm can be a great addition to freshen up your natural look. With an easy swipe, lip balm doesn’t just moist the lips but it also defines your lips better – creating a fuller appearance. If you want to play with color, you can apply a creamy color lipstick and distribute the shade evenly using your finger and use a tinted lip gloss for the finish. This helps to create a natural looking lips.

What’s great about natural color lipsticks is that you don’t need to use a lip liner to make it neat.

And, it’s done!

Isn’t it easy to create that natural look just for any occasion? Simply play with the natural shades and palettes to create your very own flawless look!

These 5 simple steps can make you look gorgeous as quick as in 5 minutes! Do you have any other tips to share about your daily make up application? Tell us!


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