Here’s the shocking reason why rainy weather makes you feel like sleeping

I’m sure one of the simple pleasures in life would be getting the chance to just stay in bed and not having to wake up during rainy weather. For many of us, when we encounter rainy weather, we always have this strong urge to doze off and get some sleep.

Have you ever wondered why the rainy weather has this weird ability to make you feel the urge to sleep? Here is the reason why and you will probably be amazed by it.

If you think that rainy weather is just an excuse for lazy people for them to get more sleep, think again. Or if you think it’s because of the cool weather (something rare in Singapore), you’re wrong. Or at least partly wrong lah.

Research has shown that the reason why rainy weather makes people feel sleepy is down to psychological reasons and it’s not your fault if you feel the urge to just lie down and catch some shut eye.

One reason why rainy weather makes you feel sleepy is the same reason why you feel the urge to yawn when you see others yawning too.

This is due to the power of suggestion. The way power of suggestion works during rainy weather is that the sound of raindrops falling and the cooling temperatures during rainfall make you feel unwind and relaxed, and that is why you feel the urge to sleep.

Another reason why rainy weather makes you feel sleepy is that usually there is no sunlight when there is rain and that absence of sunlight makes you feel cold and less energetic.

That is why when there is bright sunlight, you will feel more energetic and wanting to do more.

However, one thing to note is that this power of suggestion has different effects on different people. For some, instead of feeling tired, they might feel hungry and what you feel during rainy weather is down to what you associate rainy days with.

Besides rainy weather, another thing that studies have shown that will affect your mood is actually sunlight. The science behind why sunlight will affect moods is because of the Vitamin D will is found in sunlight.

When you do not have enough Vitamin D in your body, your brain is unable to produce chemicals that will regulate changes in your mood. This chemical is what causes you to feel moody when you do not have sufficient amounts of it in your body.

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