Here’s The Answer To Whether M’sia Tap Water Is Safe To Consume Or Not


Last Updated on 2022-05-15 , 1:25 pm

After enjoying a lifetime of luxury of drinking water from taps and not get an upset stomach in Singapore afterwards, you might be wondering if our neighbours in Malaysia get to enjoy the same benefits. The answer is, surprisingly, yes even though there are various factors to consider.

Although tap water is safe to drink in Malaysia, it is highly recommended that people don’t drink from their taps when they are in big cities like Kuala Lumpur or if they are living in high-rise flats.

The tap water from such buildings are typically from a water tank somewhere in the block and it is uncertain as to whether it is clean, especially if the apartment building is old and has dirty water pipes. As such, people are often advised to first the boil the water to kill any bacteria and micro organisms in it before consumption.

However, it is interesting to note that many Malaysians report no health issues even though they have had tap water since they were young. But that’s because their bodies have grown accustomed to it. Those who have sensitive stomachs or who are not used to the water there may experience diarrhoea after drinking tap water from Malaysia.

Despite that, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America released an infographic last year stating that the tap water in Malaysia is not safe for consumption. They have also suggested that tap water in countries without safe drinking water like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, among others should be boiled for at least a minute before it is safe for consumption.

In situations whereby there is no electricity or kettle, tap water should be filled into a bottle and be placed under direct sunlight for at least 3 hours though this method will not work on cloudy water.


They could also disinfect the water with 8 drops of regular, unscented household bleach for every 3.78 litres of water, stir then let it sit for 30 minutes before drinking it.

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