Here’s the average monthly income of a Singaporean in 2015. Is yours above or below?


According to data gathered, the average monthly income of Singaporeans is found be at $3,770. This may seem like an unlikely figure, considering that there are many Singaporeans who do are earning monthly incomes of between $1,000 to $2,000.

This monthly income of $3,770 is one of the highest among newly industrialised nations in Asia such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. However, this figure is disputed by many due to the fact that in order to achieve the amount of $3,770 for their monthly income, it means having to take on 2 jobs.

However, for such figures gathered, one must be aware that the average is calculated by the sum of all the labour force in Singapore, from the lowest to the highest earners and averaging the total amount.

This would mean that the average monthly income for Singapore may be high due to the fact that the top earners in Singapore are earning such high incomes that they push up the average figure.

Perhaps instead of looking at this figure as being unlikely, we can interpret it as a figure that all working adults can aspire to achieve. The reason being that living in Singapore has a lot of costs required, such as costs of owning a house, starting a family or evening owning a car.

On the other hand, despite this income gap that is apparent from the figures, we can see that many Singaporeans are able to survive comfortably, although they are not earning incomes nearing the ranges of $3,770. This may be due to the fact that most households in Singapore have more than one source of income as many families have both parents who are working.


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