Here’s Why Sarong Party Girls Are Called Sarong Party Girls

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Also known as SGP, for those who do not know, Sarong Party Girls is actually a term used in both Singapore and Malaysia (not so common) to describe a local Chinese girl who usually dress and behave in an aggressive manner, and will only love and date the “angmohs”.

Sarong Party Girl In Singapore

Such SPG girls believe that “angmoh” men are better than local men in all aspects, whether in terms of physical appearance or personality, so they will not even glance at local men because they are out of her league. Instead, she goes for her target “angmoh” guys.

SPG girls, due to their “unique” taste in men are thus often being stereotyped. The typical stereotypical SPG girls normally have tanned skin, speak in a fake “angmoh” accent like Amos Yee and are dressed in a provocative fashion. Such SPG girls could be your average working class OL but the difference is that they have relatively loose morals and are more open to satisfying sexual requests from guys, especially” amgmoh” guys.

Where To Find An SPG aka Singapore Party Girls

SPG girls are most commonly found in their favourite haunts such as clubs; pubs and at there, they are constantly on the hunt for male prey to, uhm, have fun with. SPG girls are also stereotyped in local entertainment dramas and are usually seen as hushand-snatchers and gold diggers. In fact, the SPG girl stereotype was even used as a basis by Jim Aitchison to come up with a series of humorous books about them back in the 1990s.

But like anything else, they should have their origins, so ever wondered how these terms came about? I bet you don’t, but I am still going to tell you. So, this is the origin story of the well-known SPGs.

It all started way back in the late 1940s to early 1950s, where the Japanese have surrendered and the British regained control of Singapore. Back then, as a general practice, it is common for the “angmoh” to socialise among themselves instead of with us due to class and social differences.

Anyways, there are some exceptions though. During these exceptions, specific local “guests” were invited to social functions hosted by these ‘angmohs’. During most of these events, most of these guests wore a sarong, since back then; a sarong was a wrap-around skirt that is part of Malay formal dress, popular among local men and women of the time. So consequently, all the ladies or girls who wore a sarong to these specific parties are given a term: Sarong Party Girl since they say those Malay sarongs to such parties.

And that was how the term “Sarong Party Girl” was coined. However, over time, as Singapore progressed, it took on a more derogatory meaning and nowadays, instead of referring to girls in the past who wore formal sarongs to the specific parties held by the ‘angmoh’, Sarong Party Girl is referred to a provocative-dressing and open woman who open date ‘angmoh’ men.

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