Here’s the secret to snacking without feeling even a little guilty

Notice that little paunch growing ever since you started working? Don’t allow your snacking to compound the effects of a sedentary desk job. Make snacking in the office a guilt-free pleasure by choosing healthy and yummy alternatives, take a look at the options below!


1. A Nutty Mix

snacks in office

Nut mixtures are a great way to get rid of the “itchy” feeling in your mouth. The variety of textures and flavours make for a hearty and satisfying mid-day snack. Buy a jumbo packet of raw nuts and pan-fry them (no oil please!) lightly in a pan. There’s so much to be gained – protein, fiber and even omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t get them salted or worse, dusted with sugar. Kacang puteh is unfortunately out of the question.

2. Green Juice

office snack

This can be prepared in advance and chilled in a refrigerator. Simply pick a green base of your choice (dark green veggies like spinach or kale are good!) and toss in a few other fruits and veggies into a blender and voila! Kiwis, bananas, a dash of apple juice or even raisins help to sweeten this treat. This is also admittedly really filling because it’s essentially liquefied vegetables, so it’d really help to curb any other cravings.

3. Summer Trifle

trifle office snack

A simple, throw-it-all-together twist on the decadent dessert.  All you need is Greek yoghurt, some fresh seasonal fruits of your choice and a small slice of butter cake (also known as pound cake). Slice the fruits and add each set of ingredients in layers until you fill up a small jar. Top it with a few walnuts for added deliciousness! Leave to chill and simply grab it before you head to work.

Some final things to look out for:

i. Granola bars/energy bars aren’t always good for you
Check the nutritional label for the amount of sugar and fats in it. Yes they’re filled with nuts and grains and all things good for you, but the sugar is a killer.

ii. Fresh is always better
Dried fruits tend to have a very high sugar content. It’s always better to be snacking on fresh fruits and drinking fresh fruit juice.

iii. Everything in Moderation
Sure the abovementioned snacks are healthy and good for you, but nothing consumed in excess is going to be healthy. (Try to resist!)

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