Here’s what Ann Kok is up to after leaving MediaCorp. You’ll be touched by her actions


In the Channel 8 drama Crescendo, we find ourselves sitting in front of the small screen looking at one of our evergreen actress, Ann Kok, act again. The youthful looking Ann Kok has made a return to TV dramas since announcing that she will take a break from her acting career after her contract ended in March 2014 to pursue her personal career

Last year, she had revealed that she had a huge reason for leaving, one that she called a top secret new project which she did not reveal any details at all. In a recent interview, it was then known that Ann Kok was invited to help out with a planned business. However, that did not materialise.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into what she’s been doing for the past year out of the industry. She has shared that her father fell sick not long after she left showbiz. She wanted to care for her father and could not take up the business invitation. Due to a heart attack and a few bypass surgeries, her father had needed the attentive care of his family. Ann has since spent time accompanying her father on his recovery, helping him out with the many medications he needed to take.

Now that her father is a lot better, Ann has agreed to take up the role in Crescendo as she was familiar with the production team and was very interested in the storyline. She says she has no further plans as of now and is enjoying her freedom. However, she is still open to acting projects in future while also spending more time with her family.

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