Here’s What Your Signature Tells You About Your Personality

I‘m sure most people would have heard about how your handwriting can be decoded to tell others about your personality but did you know that your signature can do the same too?

Here’s what your signature tells you about your personality!


Big signatures reflect the individual’s need to be recognised. It also shows their bold and confident personalities. These people are often extroverted, outgoing, and perhaps attention-seeking to a certain extent.

Medium-sized signatures indicate the individual’s desire to fit in with everybody else.

Small signatures mean that the individual has little to no desire of getting noticed by others and are highly private people.


An upwards slant in a signature reflects the individual’s ambitious streak and their tendency to look towards the future. The more slanted the signature, the more ambitious the person. A downwards slant shows the complete opposite.

People with downwards slant signatures are more pessimistic, cautious, and are less likely to dabble in risky ventures. Signatures that only slant upwards towards the end simply shows that the individual is optimistic.


If your signature cannot be read by others at all, it proves that you have a quick and sharp mind. Signatures that can be easily read shows that the individual is an open book to others. These people are easy to read, straightforward and wear their hearts on their sleeves.


People who underline their signatures have a sense of self-importance and are self-reliant. They believe in following rules and laws strictly and blindly. Zigzag lines under the signature shows that the individual is uncertain. The longer the zigzag, the more they are uncertain about their own independence.

Having no underline in a signature shows that the individual prefers to let their personal achievements shine through to allow people to understand what sort of person they are.

Use of dots

People who dot the ‘i’s in their signature are often meticulous and if the dots are firm, it also means that they are organised and empathetic people. Creative-looking (e.g. circles, hearts) dots above the ‘i’s show a child-like quality in the individual. These people are also creative.

Placing your dots high above your ‘i’s mean that you have an imaginative personality but if you tend to drag your dots towards the left, it means you have a tendency to procrastinate on important matters. A full stop at the very end of the signature means that the individual has a strong sense of business.

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If you don’t dot your ‘i’s, it means that you prefer to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty details of every aspect of your life.

Type of lines

Sharp lines prove that the individual is sharp, determined, and driven. But it also shows that the person is impatient and aggressive.

Big first letters

This kind of signature shows that the individual is confident but if they are a lot larger than the rest of their signature, it means that have a strong sense of self-worth that is bordering on arrogance.

Use of only initials

The use of only initials in a signature shows that the individual is a highly private person and will not reveal much to people they don’t know well.

Use of first name with the initial of their surnames

People like that have a fairly relaxed approach when it comes to business. They are also more concerned about being unique and refuse to derive their self-worth from their family name or tradition.

Use of nicknames

People who use their nicknames to sign off on important documents show that they have an independent streak and have confidence in their own abilities.

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