Here’s why we should eat more beans and lentils

Did you know, health food does not necessary have to be unhealthy. Lentils and beans are super foods, packed full of nutrients and other goodness that’s guaranteed to change your life…for the better. Don’t believe us? Read on and find out more about these super foods and their health benefits.

So What Nutrients Do They Give Me?
Beans and lentils are a great source of protein and can easily help you to build up muscle if eaten a lot. This is why they are popular with vegans and vegetarians as it can replace meat as an invaluable source of protein. It is also a good source of iron which helps to transport oxygen all over your body, and a healthy amount will ensure that your energy levels are consistently high and your metabolism will work at a high rate, meaning you burn off those extra calories faster and more effectively!

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You can also get the potassium and magnesium your body needs from beans and lentils, with potassium required for the regulation of muscle functions, and this is done by balancing the body’s fluid and mineral levels. On the other hands, magnesium helps to support your bone health, organ functions and the production of energy.

It is also a rich source of fibre, which is needed for healthy and smooth digestion. It helps to maintain your colon’s health as well as preventing constipation, but it also helps to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level.

What About The Health Benefits?
One very obvious and visible benefit is that you will end up losing weight if you add plenty of beans and lentils to your diet. Of course, this should be supplemented by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise but this notion is backed up by research.

Studies have shown that individuals that consume beans are much more likely to have a smaller waist than those who do not, and are 22% less likely to develop obesity. The soluble fibre in beans ensure that you feel full for longer and will not get hungry as fast, reducing the craving to eat.

In addition, you are also less likely to contract breast cancer if you eat beans and lentils at least twice a week. Scientists at Harvard determined that the risk was up to 25% higher if women only consumed beans and lentils once a month, with dietary data from over 90,000 women reviewed before reaching a conclusion.

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Your enzymes can also benefit from beans and lentils, with copper being a key mineral that helps enzymes function. Copper is essential for your body to make pigment and connective tissue making beans and lentils key to helping your body function properly.

It also helps your body control high blood pressure and prevent hypertension, with legumes in particular suggested to help your body achieve this.

So are beans and lentils just another fad or are they more of a super food? Try it for yourself and see the difference it makes for your overall health!


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