Here’s why you really need to know what’s your skin type

There are countless brands of over-the-counter skincare products and trying them one by one isn’t really a useful solution to treat skin problem.

Knowing your skin type can help you understand which skincare products you should be using. Commonly, you know about acne skin, dry skin or oily skin but do you know exactly in which category you’re in? By identifying your skin type, you can determine how you’re going to treat your skin.

Each skin type requires different care and learning your skin type is the first step to a flawless beauty. Our skins are classified into 4 types:

1. Combination

Forehead, nose, and chine – do you find these areas a little bit oily at times but the cheeks and undereyes seem dry? You must have a combination skin. Commonly, the T zone has the most oil concentrate whilst the other parts remain dry. The blend requires you to have both skin care treatments. There are many factors that contribute to combination skin. it can be genetics or the increase of sebum as a girl reaches her puberty age.

You need to treat each part differently. For instance, use anti acne cleanser for your T zone and mild cleanser for your cheeks and the rest parts. Or, to remove the hassle, you can switch to skin care formulated especially for combination skin type.

2. Oily skinoilyIt’s easier to identify an oily skin than to notice dry skin. Technically, oily skin is caused by either the excess sebum on your face or inherited. Hence, within a few minutes of an activity, your skin begins to feel greasy and the oil is visible on the T zone area. Oily skin is prone to acne because pores can easily get clogged. This is why it’s suggested to use oil-free products specifically formulated for oily skin.

Oily skin doesn’t necessarily needs moisturizer although the use of sun cream may be benefit to protect your skin from UV lights.

3. Normal skinnormalNormal skin is probably the best skin type anyone could ever thank for. It commonly doesn’t have any problem when using specific skin care as it has a balanced moisture. By far, the goal of every skincare is to have a normal skin.

You should maintain your normal skin by preventing it from sun exposure and other damages caused by the UV rays. Sunscreen with SPF is still the number one product you need to use for your skin.

4. Dry skindryIt’s quite difficult to determine a dry skin because it looks just like a normal skin except when you look closely, it sometimes flaky and easily get irritated by certain products. If you feel tightness on your skin, then it’s a clear evidence that you have a dry skin type.

Moisturizer is the dry skin’s best friend. Always use soap free cleanser, because otherwise, it would make your skin even drier. Opt for night cream that nourishes your skin with moisturizer as well.

Before you purchase a skincare product, it’s advised that you consult with your dermatologist that can recommend you a regimen for your skin.

Source: experts.nykaa

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