These Home Designs Make Your House Look More Atas Than It Really Is

Ever walked into a posh and luxurious place thinking it is way beyond your reach? Rather than having to spend a whole lot of money, it is not impossible to evoke a sense of luxury through the smart use of furnishings and renovations. Let these 7 home inspirations guide you in achieving a lavish-looking home, all without breaking the bank!

1. Create A Dreamy Escape With White

One might be sceptical of incorporating too much white in their homes but all-whites is incredible in making a home look super classy. In contrast to the misconception of white being a boring colour, you will fall in love when you see how white helps in making this home appear extraordinarily spacious and clean, which easily reminds you of a good stay at a luxury hotel.

Plus, having a white backdrop means you have the option to add in colour thereafter. Or if you are looking to sell your home, white walls allow the buyer to better visualise what they can do to the unit.

2. All That Glitters Is Gold

Undoubtedly the most regal colour there is on the palette, glam up your home with a shade of gold. Take clues from this vintage-inspired home and feel like a royalty. Complete the look with a walk-in wardrobe and elegant wallpaper plastered all over your home.

3. Lofty Aspirations

Living in this loft feels a lot like realising your childhood dreams of living in a treehouse. Amp it up a notch by relying on impeccable furnishings by the professionals while holding onto the same mood of ruggedness by opting for “dirty” bricks and woody accents.

4. Throw In Soft Furnishings

Feel posh in all the right places, starting from the wall to the furniture and carpet. Also, throw in a fuzzy carpet for a gentle touch of luxe, and amp up the cosy factor to the maximum.

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5. Create Mood With Warm Lightings

With a classic brown leather sofa in place, combined with an overall earthy tone of this home, you will feel as if you’ve walked into a rich man’s residence. Yellow lightings help bring out and accentuate the timeless ethereal charm to the whole place.

6. One Can Never Go Wrong With Black

Black and greyish tones are the epitome of modernism, colours which embody sophistication at its greatest. These muted tones will always be a classic choice to bring out the chic vibe, capable of making a place look more expensive than it actually is.

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7. Add Sleek-looking Products

Play with funky, abstract decorative furniture like how this homeowner did with its photo frames and sound system, enabling you to bring out the artsy side in you while attaining a polished look to your home altogether. Ceiling beams add a creative touch to a home, making spaces look more dimensional and interesting.


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