Homework Gods: WhatsApp this Singapore number to get your homework done

Imagine this: you’re stuck with a maths question at 8.00 p.m, and you need to submit that homework the next day. If it were 1999, you would have no choice but to pick up the phone and ask your friends, hoping that they could help you, or face the music the next day.

But it’s now 2015. There should be an app for it, right? Like, you know, taking an image of the question and having the app find the answers for you?

Apparently, there is. It’s not an app, but the idea isn’t too far from it. Take an image of the question and WhatsApp it to a number. They’ll then send you the answer. And if that’s not enticing enough, this is: sometimes, if the request isn’t too time-consuming, you’ll have your answers for free.


Yes, right. Free. Right here n Singapore.

Calling themselves aptly the Homework Gods, they’ve used strong imagery in their website to explain their service. For example, a FAQ of “How quickly will I get what I want after requesting it?” comes with an answer of “God made the universe in 7 days. This won’t take that long. I promise.”

I don’t know what you think, but it sure is clever.

But the question is, does it work?

It appears so. Various reputable Singaporean online sites have tested their service and they met their expectations. However, Homework God has become so viral recently that they’ve put this on their website:

“Thank you guys for all your support. We are very touched by all your kind words. Please bear with us if we take some time to send the answers to you. The angels are trying their very best to rush it out. Thank you very much for your patience. Bless all your good hearts!”

Whatever it is, they’re so popular that according to their website, even a teacher (or maybe many teachers) has sought for their service. For all you know, the homework you submitted yesterday could be done by Homework Gods and marked by Homework Gods, too.

Image: godofhomework.com

And yes, they even have revision papers.

Image: godofhomework.com

Homework is no longer a pain in the ass now. We’re all now looking forward to Exams God, because that is what matters most.

But now, let’s make do with Homework Gods.


And oh, before our Malaysian readers start asking us whether they provide this service to them, here’s their answers: “God is everywhere, my child. Borders cannot contain us.”

Homework Gods can be reached at +65-91227983 or with the UserID: homeworkgods via not just WhatsApp, but in WeChat, Line and Viber as well. Or simply go to their website at http://www.godofhomework.com/

I think we have a disclaimer to add: No way should this be a complete substitute for doing your homework or assignment, because we all have a damn thing called examinations.