How a woman sits reveal a lot about her character!


Unlike men who has only one style of sitting (i.e. legs open wide-wide lah), women, especially when they’re wearing a short skirt, would have a different style of sitting.

While it’s difficult to understand women based on what they said, it seems like it’ll be easier to understand them based on how they sit!

Check out whether this is accurate for you if you’re a woman—if you’re a guy, use this as a guide to determine a woman’s character!

Sitting with two legs closed 


If you’re always doing that, it means you don’t trust others that well and is pretty unfriendly to strangers. But once someone is close to you, you’re apparently chatty and extremely outgoing!

Sitting with two legs crossed


You’re the YOLO person and don’t care much about what’s happening around you. And you like to hang out with fellow YOLO friends!

Sitting with ankles crossed


You’re a little insecure and often remember the wrong things that others have said. It’s not easy to be your friend, but if you’re one, then you’re the best friend in the world.

Sitting with ankles widely opened


You’re one who won’t hide your feelings—if you don’t like someone, you’ll just show it to him or her. Because of that, people see you as a sincere and loyal friend.

Sitting with legs closed and slightly bent


You’re pretty confident and like to be praised. You’re also one who takes good care of everything, from your looks to your health.


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