How To Know More About Someone With Just A Name Through These Online Stalking Techniques

You just enrolled in a new junior college, polytechnic or university and you caught a good-looking guy/girl walking around campus during orientation. You managed to find out what his/her name is from various sources and now you want to take the next step.

No. Of course, I am not talking about going up to them and trying to be their friend. Who does that nowadays? I meant being creepy and cyberstalking them, finding out their handles on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But if you are the sort who just, for lack of a better word, suck at doing things like that and don’t want to trouble a friend, try these techniques instead.

Google search
Typing a name into the Google search engine is easy but getting legitimate, usable results is hard. Most people don’t successfully find what they are looking for, mainly because they don’t know the right way to use the Google search engine.

Add a hyphen between that person’s first and last name. For example, if we were to be searching for Tan Ah Beng, type ‘Tan-Ah-Beng’ instead of ‘Tan Ah Beng’. This will make sure that your searches contain the entire name of this person and not these three words separately in different sentences of a website or blog. The hyphen can also be used when you want to subtract a certain term from your searches. For example, if the search for ‘Tan Ah Beng’ seems to include results of, say, peanut butter for whatever nonsensical reason, search instead for ‘Tan Ah Beng -peanut butter’ and Google will remove anything related to peanut butter in your results. Mmm, pretty nifty eh?

Add an apostrophe. This will include words that the Google search engine will typically ignore, such as ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘i’. This is especially helpful if the person you are searching for has the surname ‘The’.

Check your mutual friend’s followers
If you have mutual friends with that person you are digging up about, you are in luck. Go to said mutual friend’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts and check out their following and friends respectively. Chances are they follow or are friends with each other on those social media platforms. From there, you can get to know more about that person’s life even if you are not following them or aren’t Facebook friends with them.

Look through your mutual friend’s photos
Friends, especially if they are close, would definitely have had group photos taken. Look through your friend’s Facebook or Instagram photos and from there, slowly hunt for the tagged account of your crush or whoever you are stalking. This works especially well for people whose Facebook accounts are unsearchable.

Look through event’s page guests
If you spotted your future soulmate not in a school setting, but at an event instead, you could try going to the event page itself and skimming through countless names of people who attended the event. Tedious, but hey, it works!

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